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With the ever fluctuating Mid-west weather even in the winter months condensation can be a problem. The endless circle of freezing and thawing and then re-freezing and re-thawing becomes a recipe for disaster for a house. Not only can this cause ice dams on the outside of your home, it also can create multiple indoor moisture issues.

Finding solutions to moisture problems, be they condensation or water problems, is often a difficult, time-consuming and expensive undertaking. The first step in any situation is to identify the source of the problem. This may not be easy because two and often more things may be working together to create the problem.

Sometimes as people attempt keep out the cold, while keeping in the warmth, many homeowners caulk and weatherstrip around windows and doors. Unfortunately, if not done correctly and/or without proper ventilation, these methods can have a negative effect as the same practices that trap heat in the home can also trap high levels of moisture.

Another common condition contributing to moisture problems in Wisconsin homes is the existence of cool surfaces with which interior moisture vapor naturally comes in contact. These include poorly weatherized and insulated windows and poorly insulated exterior walls and ceilings.

Contact MadCity Environmental today for more information on how to ensure your home has proper insulation + adequate ventilation to avoid multiple harmful house moisture issues.

Moisture Management

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