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Ice Dam Prevention & Remediation

Ice Dam Prevention, Madison Wisconsin

MadCity Environmental consultants are ice dam prevention and remediation experts. We strive to not only help our customers remedy a current problem, we also work hard to prevent future issues. The most important first step is to notice a small problem before it turns into a big mess. Contact MadCity Environmental today at 608-480-0367to prevent or remediate ice damming in your home….

A Roofers’ Guide

A Roofers' Guide

To helping customers with: Attic Condensation, Mold and Mildew, Rotten Wood, Ice Damming and other hidden problems. Why you need to know:  Moisture related problems can lead to premature roof failure… before the warranty expires.  This means financial penalties and very unhappy customers.  Replacing the wood does not solve the problem. How to prevent and correct the problems:  Contact MadCity Environmental at…