Tree Trimming + Stump Grinding

Tree trimming + stump removal in Madison, WI

MadCity Environmental provides many services that include tree removal, trimming, thinning, and stump grinding.


We provide stump removal services for businesses, too! If you’re a contractor, landlord, landscaper or business owner in need of stump removal, we would be glad to work with you.


Stump Grinding FAQ

I’ve just had a tree cut down. Why should I grind the stump away?
There are many reasons to remove a tree stump – aesthetics, you don’t want to constantly mow around it, you want to avoid termites and ants near your house, you want to plant a new tree, you don’t want the stump sprouting into a new tree.

How deep do you grind a stump?
We normally grind down 16 inches below grade so there is ample soil depth to grow grass. We also offer a shallow grind where we go 4 inches below grade. This saves money but you won’t be able to grow grass there so we recommend this for a stump in the woods line or perimeter of the lawn.

Can I plant a new tree in the same place as the old stump?
Yes, we can usually grind a stump away so there is nothing left.

How long does it take to grind a tree stump?
Depending on size, it can take as little as 15 minutes all the way up to 2 hours. We have a very powerful machine that is much more efficient than smaller units that can be rented.

How do you price stump grinding?
The general rule of thumb is $4 per inch of diameter when measuring the area to be ground but there are other cost factors as well, like access to the site, presence of rocks, quantity of surface roots, etc.

Am I left with a big hole when you’re finished?
We remove all wood chips and refill the hole with dirt and then replant grass seed if needed.

Will tree stump grinding damage my lawn/landscape?
Not when it’s done properly. We have a machine that has extra tires to minimize the pressure on a lawn and we also have large plastic mats we can put down to protect softer areas from being torn up.